What a day!

You think it couldn’t get better and then it does!

This was dreamboating all over again. There was I doubting that this would work. So many things could go wrong, I really had serious doubts about whether we would make it for 5am to catch the train at 5h53 in Diepholz. And that was just the beginning.

Of course, everything worked out like a dream.

We went on Pádraig’s first ever long drive, getting up long before the crack’o dawn and made it with gazillions of bags to that platform in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night.

Getting onto the train in Diepholz

Getting onto the train in Diepholz

Incredible veterans of bringing sick people to Lourdes got everybody onto the train and set us all up. As we made our way south, we stopped almost everywhere a train could stop to pick up more people.

There are now over 400 people on this train with 47 seriously ill people. There are carers, nurses, doctors, priests who could not do enough to help you. They are all volunteers, taking a week off to help other people getting onto this train and make their way to Lourdes – in 28 hours.

It is truly amazing.

Another truly amazing thing is that last night I got a call from TheJournal.ie who ran an update story on Pádraig this morning getting tens of thousands of hits in just a few hours. This morning that was followed up by a call from the Irish Independent. At around noon Joe Duffy’s programme on RTÉ One, one if not the most listened to radio programmes in Ireland, called and asked would I talk to Joe.

So they called me as I was travelling with Pádraig and the rest of the gang through the south of Germany heading for Lourdes. We had a chat and I told Joe that Pádraig listens to RTÉ and, at times to his show.

Then Joe did something I had not heard him doing before on his programme: He talked to Pádraig who he had never met before (I believe), directly, live, over the airways, telling him how much people are supporting him in his struggle to get better, that there wasn’t a day Pádraig wasn’t mentioned to him in a conversation by one of his friends, and that I wished that for Pádraig this long journey, not just to Lourdes, but beyond was one in which he would reach his destination, that he would get there well and safely.

This train has not internet. I will try to post this blog, but will send on the links to the programmes mentioned tomorrow – hoping our hotel in Lourdes will have wifi.