I can’t find the piece of paper where I noted the two news items from this morning that I wanted to refer to. And I don’t feel like looking it up on the internet now. I’m trying to remember.

imagesThe first was that Ireland is now the most expensive country in the world (I think) for childcare. Young families are spending apparently more than 30% of their income on childcare. Not, not because it was more expensive, but because it is not subsidised.

The second one was that the Government is thinking about increasing salaries in the public sector and to cut all the cuts in public sector salaries introduced following the bank bailouts.

I’m working in the public sector and my take-home salary was cut, in total, by about 1/3 following 2008.

But in a country where families cannot afford childcare, where thousands are waiting years for an appointment with specialist consultants, where 100s spent nights on trolleys in Accident and Emergency Departments, where people have to leave the country to find appropriate medical treatment,… what is it, a responsible government should do first?

The sad fact is, they will go out and buy votes by handing out money to the people who’ll then elect them. Nothing has changed and probably won’t ever. It seems to be part of the DNA.

Or will the voters tell them otherwise?

An afternoon with Pádraig which was really good: hair washing, massage, standing bed stuff. All good.

Oh, a few short points:

images(1) I found out yesterday that the salary of an OT is, roughly, 1,800 euro a month in Germany. Consider that you can pay 80 euro an hour in Ireland for therapy out of your own pocket. Now, 5 hours a week (or one a day, Mon-Fri) over 48 weeks (a working year) would roughly cost you in Ireland what a therapist employed full-time in Germany would earn. – Made me think and sounded like a perfect case for An Saol.

(2) There is a real need for a book(let) for people confronted with the tragedy of a catastrophic brain injury. From treatment, to drugs, to devices, to therapy, to food, to … We’re finding out about all this very slowly and with a lot of effort.

(3) Would you help me to put together a new CD for Pádraig with the songs he would have picked up himself over the past year or two? New songs that came out while he had to listen to music stations I picked for him?

That’s all. Good night. And stay tuned:)