I was surprised myself that I managed to get up this morning. Just.

Talked to Pat. Talked to and spend some time with Patrick. I had been away just a few days, but I really thought that he was so much better – maybe he just had a good day. Maybe he was really happy to see that I was back (nor so likely) or maybe he had understood that his new car had just arrived (more likely)?

I was ready for a nap at midday, but there was far too much excitement.

So I did a dry run, with an empty wheelchair. And then with myself in it.

When that worked, we went downstairs with Pádraig.

It will get better with practice, we told each other. Eventually Pádraig was in his new car and his seat was secured.

We decided to go to the Schön-Klinik to walk the grounds he was prevented from visiting and to go into the coffee shop he could not go into when he was there – to have coffee, Kuchen and iscream.

It all worked out brilliantly. I cannot describe the feeling: to be able to get around in town, maybe to go to Tating for a night. This car will open up a whole new world, a whole new dimension to Pádraig.

And the best thing is: he realises this and was as excited, happy, and nervous as we were.

What an absolutely incredible, brilliant, joyful day!