imagesOh, don’t mention it. That’s nothing!

I’ve run out of more steps to germanise yourself – or, rather, the site I’d copied the nice pictures from just couldn’t come up with more.

So, above is the first step to become a true Irish person: never, NEVER, accept praise. You might just have liberated your country, awarded the Nobel Prize, or saved a the rain forest – whatever happens, whatever praise you might get, ALWAYS say something like: “Oh, that was nothing! Really, anybody would have done the same.”

Those of you who did follow the ten steps to become German would never react in the same way. Instead, you would have said something like: “Thank you! Since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved he environment (step 2)! That’s why I became as bio-biologist (step 3). That’s why I think you’re right: My contribution really did change the world (step 9)!

What Andrew and Cian did yesterday was absolutely humongous. But they would never admit it. They are like dozens of people, some are family, some are old friends, some I barely know and never met, who have  made such a difference to Pádraig’s and to our life. And I doubt they have realised this.

One of those friends is recording a new song soon to be released, hopefully, into which he added:

Ritheadh gach céim den mharatón
and every step was a step that was bringing you closer to home

Had I to explain to someone why I am doing what no-one in their right mind should be doing (no-one of my physical condition that is), I could not have said it better.

Today, Pádraig was standing in his ‘standing bed’. When I asked him to lift his arms, he did. When I asked him to lower his arms, he did that too. There is another first for you. Both arms. Up. And Down. Standing up does make a difference. Passing through different stages does too. Keep going is the key. Being a Dreamboater is the secret.

We are Dreamboaters.

But it’s nothing, really. We just keep going, there’s nothing to it.