No – not the London marathon but the Hamburg Haspa Marathon.

The Hamburg Marathon is called Haspa because it’s sponsored by the Hamburger Sparkasse, the local savings bank. This year, it was its 30th anniversary.

Two friends of Pádraig had come over to join me attempting a few record-breaking times. Cian had been here last year and had run so fast through the whole of Hamburg and its outskirts that I am sure he missed half of it. I ask you: how can you enjoy the sites of a city as beautiful as Hamburg if you just rush through it like a mad man? You’ll remember that I took an extra hour, just because I enjoyed it so much. Andrew had not been here last year, but had been training at home in Ireland for the big day.

Well this year, Cian ran just over an hour and a half faster than I did – both because he just could not hold back and I had decided I would not allow myself to get rushed. Andrew ran his very first marathon and did really well. It’s amazing what you can do when you are in your twenties!

Anyway, I was really happy to have made it, and that Pádraig’s two friends had come over for it! (Andrew’s fundraising page is still up.) And yes, Andrew, you did run a marathon! Absolutely brilliant!

Tonight, we are so tired, but so proud that the “good” Troika made it to the finishing line. At the starting line, way behind Cian and Andrew, this morning, I was not so sure that we all would. But it turned out that the weakest link today ran his most enjoyable marathon, not exactly fast but very steady. Maybe that is the secret.

It was sad to see Pádraig’s friend leaving tonight. But I’m sure that they will be back!