Today was Pádraig’s “little” sister’s birthday. 21. She was here with two of her friends and it was really nice to have them, her “big” sister and aunt around to celebrate this big birthday. On days like these the same stories are being told again and again, about when they were small, or a bit bigger, how they did, what they did. In our case, the challenge will be to do all we can that we will have a life together that will be as good, as balanced, and as happy as can be.

imagesThere are lots of things going through my head, memories, thoughts, images, stuff. I’ll keep them tonight in my mind. I’ll think of the day she was born, all the happy years together, of the difficult times she must be having, of her strength, good humour (most of the times:), and determination to get through this. One day, life will be less stressful again, routine will help us to get through the days without having to wonder in the morning what will hit us next. – When I was 21, I met Pat… 🙂

In about 7 hours or so Pat and I will be heading off to the airport. We’ll be flying to Boston. This time together. It’s good that it’s late and I can’t thing much about it. Don’t know what I should think about it.

Pat’s sister will be holding the fort. We’ve never been away like this, only once were we away for a full day to visit Burgau.