First Day back in the apartment.

The bus that never showed up - although, it does look slightly over the top...

The bus that never showed up – although, it does look slightly over the top…

It’s funny, how quickly I had become institutionalised. Like in any institution, our day was not really ours. It’s taken over by other people and we just had to fit in. Just after 7am, the doctors make their round, they hardly knock on the door, come in with 4 people, switch on all lights and briefly tell you what’s going to happen next. In our case, on most days that wasn’t that much, so off they went. Then came breakfast, the cleaning lady, someone asking what we would like for lunch, then lunch at around noon, coffee at 2pm, dinner at just after 5pm. And then what? Therapists, doctors, nurses came in from time to time to fill in the gaps.

But none of that is the way one usually would live, or sleep, or eat, or drink, or meet other people.

In the end, it was almost sad to leave our new friends on the ward behind. They had all been very kind, really nice people, and very helpful.

But I missed a “bad” take away, some really “good” cooked food, our apartment, my bed, being in charge of the day myself (well, more or less)…

All that is back now. All the operations are behind Pádraig. And a great time, with great weather, a family trip to Lourdes, Pádraig taking on life, recovering control of his body and its functions, being back in charge of himself, being able to eat, drink, communicate – very little very slowly but better every day, all ahead of us.

Finally, there is one thing the Irish and the German have in common: their love for potatoes! – Here comes Step 7 to Germanize yourself!

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