It’s a complete myth that Germans drink nothing else but beer. Though they do drink a  lot, much more than the Irish according to a website I found. Per capita, only the Czechs drink more beer in Europe than the Germans (107 litres) whereas the Irish are far down the list with just 779 litres, beaten even by Finland.

Yet – when you come to Germany, don’t drink beer. Become a real German and drink a Schorle. Apfelsaftschorle, to be precise. There’s nothing like it. And your German friends will look at you full of admiration, asking “do you have this in Ireland, too?” More on Schorle later…

Today there was another “First” day.

Remember, we wanted to get rid of the tubes stuck into Pádraig. The first he managed to get rid of was the tracheostomy in January. Today, following last week’s operation and a few x-rays, they blocked his catheter and told us that if he continues the way he is that we should remove the catheter altogether within a few days.

Look at this picture.











If you ever saw the side of Pádraig’s bed before, there were always tube hanging around. Tonight, it’s clear.

Although they said this a few times before, I believe that we’ll be heading back to the apartment tomorrow, after two and a half weeks. The longest I’ve ever stayed in hospital in my life. It’ll be great!

So, here is a piece with everything you ever wanted to know about Schorle and step six to germanise yourself!

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 06.12.09








Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 06.12.26

Good Night!