UnknownThere was a bit of action today here in the room. Some brave nurse had decided that Pádraig was going to sit in their special chair: like a wheel chair with less cushioning. So, with the help of a couple of nurses and a scared physio, I lifted Pádraig up, turned him around and sat him down into the chair. And after two hours, I did the same in reverse. You wouldn’t believe how proud I am to have been able to do this. OK, it was not a really wheelchair but it worked, meaning that we could manage, if needs be, without a lifter.

Preparations for the trial in Boston are continuing. I really cannot believe that Pat and I will be flying together to Boston in just a few days’ time. To hear all the details again.  How will we get through this. – But, there’ll be another trip in May!

Today I heard that we’re going to get some help from the Maltese Order to get Pádraig (and ourselves) to Diepholz, the most northern parting point of the special 24-hour train to Lourdes in May. It’s close to two hours’ drive from Hamburg towards the south and a fully-ledged ambulance would have been prohibitively expensive. Can’t wait for it.

Tomorrow is discharge day, if all the tests in the morning work out well. Again, fingers crossed. We’ll have to get outahere!

Today’s German Music Tip
Eric Burdon and Udo Lindenberg, Verdammpt, wir müssen raus aus dem Dreck. Probably the worst quality video on youtube, but still a great performance by two great auld rockers. The quality of this version is slightly better and older: about 35 years! (Watch out for Eric’s head band! – Who needs Woodstock if you can just watch one of Udo’s concerts?)
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Moving, Sitting, without lifter
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Für’n Appel unnen Ei