In case you thought it would – well, it did not happen. The operation. Instead, we spent the morning getting to know the inners of the UKE. They had to do a CT and an EEG to see whether they could go ahead with the operation. This afternoon they told us, for the third time now, that it will all happen tomorrow. – Fingers crossed.

Today, a visitor from Dublin left a little book of mindfulness with us (which I only discovered once she had left – so I couldn’t even thank her in person).

I started, not quite yet in the right spirit, to read it from the back and discovered a thought I really liked. It went like this, more or less: When we are happy, we wish the moment would last. Yet, we know that this happy moment will go away and make room for other life experiences. In the same way, when we are sad or under enormous pressure, we should remember that this experience, these feelings will not last forever either. They too will be replaced by other life experiences.

Just checked that it will be US Magistrate Judge Leo T. Sorokin who will hear our case in the US District Court in front of a jury.

I am going to keep this short tonight but know that you have been waiting for step 3 to germanise yourself!

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Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 21.30.37

Good night – keep the candles burning, the good thoughts and prayers going, the healing energy reaching Pádraig.