screen shot Hits_(Joni_Mitchell)Hits and misses.

It’s the brilliant title of a CD set of one of my favourite singers who acknowledges that some songs are universal hits, and others mightn’t work the way they were intended to.

There are just two reasons to get up at five o’clock in the morning – one is going for a swim, the other is driving to Limerick. I didn’t go for a swim…

I was thinking of Pádraig, what it must feel like to be out of the hospital, out of the routine, and to be out on the street, to have a lie in over the weekend, to smell the dinner from the kitchen, to see the sun light, to hear so many different voice… I got a glimpse of what that must feel like today. Not having been out really for a few weeks and then being “hit” by things, by people, by air, by rain, and by the sun.

On the way back, I stopped by at a friends house and although I was really tired, it was so nice to see them again. How nice would it be for Pádraig to be closer to the people he knows, to the people he loves, the country, the language that are worth so much to him.

Tomorrow is another day, another day to work on change. Because change is what it’ll take to look after Pádraig and persons with similar needs to his.