Few people would remember John Spratt. Do you?

Some years ago this day, we all went up to Whitefriar Street in Dublin, to the church where the relics of St. Valentine are kept by the Carmelites. It’s a magic place and the idea that the great Saint’s remains are there with us in the middle of Dublin ist just astonishing. On his day, today, the place is packed with those who still hope to find love and those who are afraid that they might loose it.

There were no cards in the post box for us today. It was much better than that: Pádraig’s friends were still here to visit him. It’s brilliant the way they have been keeping up their visits which are, I’m sure, not always easy to organise. It must be great for Pádraig to see and hear his old friends around, familiar voices, the updates on what is going on, who is doing what. For his friends, I am sure, it’s equally great to stay in touch, to learn how to spot the small but significant improvements in Pádraig’s condition and to figure out how they can stay connectd with him.

IMG_0285They brought a late and very unexpected birthday present which was really kind.

One of them also said he is going to join Cian and myself for the Hamburg marathon at the end of April. Our little international running Club is growing!!!

John Spratt, the great preacher, brought the remains of St. Valentine to Dublin from where he is now watching over all of us who love.