Pat got another smile.

When she read out a story to Pádraig about someone who had stolen the heart of St. Lawrence O’Toole from Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin. Who liked the Saint so much that he robbed his heart?

Going out. In the Street. Is becoming. Normal.

IMG_0200There was a doctor who told us that they didn’t want … in the yard and that this was the reason we couldn’t go out with Pádraig. Makes me think Pádraig is double-lucky: back on the road and alive. With no tracheostomy @96 O2 and a heart beat so relaxed it’s almost worrying:)

Another session of physio and another session of speech therapy. No rest for the wicked.

You know, I am not sure how often I thought that you couldn’t get more tired or exhausted and than realised: yes, you can! But also: yes you can. do. whatever is in your mind. there ain’t no limits. if you can get dozens of empty plastic bottles. tie them together. and build. your dreamboat. and it floats. anything is possible.

IMG_0201We’re in Tonndorf now and I’ve not quite connected to the area. In Dulsberg, there were take aways at every corner: a Thai, a Döner, a German Pommessbude, a pizza place. Tonight, after three attempts, I made it into Tonndorf’s one and only asian take-away – this time I made it just before closing time at 20:30. And guess what: the stuff came wrapped in an authentic Chinese newspaper! And I’m not making this up! It was so nice.

It’ll be potatoes and carrots tomorrow. But today it was a true Chinese Takeaway:)