Another amazing day on the roof top in Tonndorf…

There’s so much stuff happening, I find it hard to separate things, keep them apart, ‘process’ them.

Without a doubt, the most amazing thing that happened today – apart from a big smile on Pádraig’s face when Pat read him out a story about Máirín de Brún – was the visit by his speech therapist, a young, enthusiastic, energetic and dedicated young woman. She spent almost half an hour assessing Pádraig – and if I had not seen it I would find it hard to believe it.

She asked Pádraig to do all sorts of things with his chin, jaw, mouth, and tongue – and there was I thinking that it was great that Pádraig could move his tongue to the right and to the left!!! He can do so so much more, like closing his mouth, moving his jaw, moving his tongue up and down his palate and a few other things as well, even holding a spatula between his lips! All ‘deliberately’, when being asked.

She also said that Pádraig’s determination, energy, motivation and enthusiasm were amazing and will make such a big difference.

The big question, of course, is why no-one found this out earlier, and why no-one started building on all these abilities before. – Although, I’ve decided to look at all the good things that are going to happen. Everything else is bad news of which I already got enough for the rest of my days.

Let’s dream, sail down the stream, believe. Let’s join Pádraig on the Dreamboat!!!