UnknownMy head is spinning and tired as it hasn’t been for some time.

Pat and I slept in Pádraig’s room, with big echoes in my head of Cape Cod Hospital where staff were really accommodating and allowed us to be with Pádraig all day and all night. Just that this time we’re not half as worried, but full of hope and excitement, in a good way.

60 hours after decannulation, he is doing really well. He’s not yet safety over the hill, but he’s getting to the top.

Here is the plan: on Monday, he will have surgery to close the hole in his neck on the outside – it already closed by itself on the inside. On Thursday, most if not all of his ‘stuff’ will arrive at his and our new apartment, including lifter, bed, etc. We will get everything fixed up over the weekend. On Monday, he will move in with us – whether he wants to or not:)

There are a few questions about the days in between, but they’ll all be answered in good time, I’m sure.

In the meantime, several offices are helping us to organise 24 hour care for Pádraig at home. 24 hour care. Around the clock.

These past days have been the most un-nerving, the most stressful, but the most wonderful days in my life. Things are happening at lightning speed.

And Pádraig’s cannula is out of his trachea for 60 hours now. 60 hours.

You couldn’t believe how incredibly wonderful it is to hear him breathing in and out, in and out, in and out, during the night, calmly. And how incredibly wonderful it is *not* to hear the monitors, alarms, *not* to check the ‘vital parameters’ non-stop, worried. Worried? What about!

60 hours. The first 60 hours of many more to come!