In a Dream. Boat.

Pádraig is still going strong. With the hole in his neck closed.

When I went to pack Pádraig’s stuff today, I went to his room. I opened the door and found the room empty.

I asked and no-one knew. Then I found his wheelchair covered by a large plastic sheet. On the chair were, in plastic bags, held together by some ties, his possessions. What an end to so many months. There was no good-byes, except with one nurse. I did get an opportunity to say thank you and good bye to the people that helped and supported us and Pádraig for more than a year. It felt a bit like an eviction

Tonight, we’re back in the UKE, bunking in Pádraig’s room. It’s quiet.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll have a meeting with doctors to plan Pádraig’s release from hospital.

Oh – thank you, Colm and KILA for sending what looks like an excellent CD. Couldn’t listen to it yet, but it looks fantastic!