Pádraig had three visitors over from Dublin tonight – well, two from Dublin and one who had travelled overnight on the long distance bus Marseilles – Oslo from Brussels (going back tonight). I really can’t find words to express my admiration for what Pádraig’s friends are doing for him. It is just amazing.

The young man on the picture is Aindriú Mac An Rí, one of Pádraig’s best friends, singing the amazing “Dreamboat” song.

Talking about amazing things – the journal.ie tonight posted an update on Pádraig, the Dreamboat, and the launch of the album. It was posted just about two hours ago. A few minutes ago, when I checked, it had 10.444 views.

When we left Pádraig tonight, he was doing well. He is breathing on his own again, and while there was still some bleeding following the operation the day before yesterday, the doctors in the UKE say that they are not worried about it, and that it will stop. He is still in ICU and will remain there at least for the weekend which is good – he really is being look after there very well. We know that if anything unforeseen should happen, he’ll get the best of care provided by whatever specialist doctor might be needed.

Tomorrow is going to be the first of advent: four weeks of hope and expectation.

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 23.27.17From around the world, people connected by their friendship and love for Pádraig have been sending their best wishes and prayers to him over the past few days. He knows that he is in the best company anybody could ever wish and hope for, in the company of so many people, especially so many amazing young people, who are offering him their strong, strong support – the kind that is like water under the keel of his dreamboat.

Please invite your friends and family to next Wednesday’s launch of the song, Dreamboat, and the CD, Amhrán do Phádraig, in Dublin’s Grand Social Club at 8pm!

Here is the (very rough) line-up for the launch:

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 23.28.48










(Thank you to Eoin for the poster!)