Today, they had started before we even knew. He is always last in the operating theatre, normally. Not today. They brought him down to the operating theatre by 11:30am. It took a long time for him to come back at around 4:30. A long time.

The operation was a success, just a small issue with a catheter they fixed. He is on a respirator but they have already started to wean him off. He has opened his eye and so far is keeping well.

It was a long day, with loads of flash backs from the days of almost a year ago.

I am feeling emptied, drained physically. But it’s over and done.

This was his last big operation. It’ll take him some days to get fully over it. But Pádraig has taken the first big step. He’ll get through his, no bother. I told him that this morning I signed the rental agreement for the bigger apartment he’ll be moving into with us in just a few weeks time. Really, none of us can wait for the day.

Thank you for all your thoughts, good wishes, tweets, messages, prayers, and candles. Thank you.