In London, for a second time this year.

This time it’s our annual conference which we are holding for the first time outside of Ireland, at University College London. It’s a bit of an adventure.

Internet connections are, again, pretty basic and it’s difficult to write this – not only because it is very late, but also because of the internet. It comes and goes. The event will go over two days and it’ll be off and back to Hamburg very early on Wednesday morning.

Briefly: Pádraig is doing fine. He was awake today for a long time, sitting outside, using the ‘bike’ – the works. I am sure he is, as we are, anxiously awaiting news from our ‘Genossen’ who will tell us this coming week whether we were the lucky ones to get one of the new apartments or not.

Tonight, I had a conversation with one of the people attending who told me about ‘the secret’, a book that apparently has changed many people’s lives for the better. I haven’t heard about it, but will check it out. Who knows…

Here are two German songs I came across over the past few days. In today’s world, they are almost racist. In the 50s and 60s that thought would never have crossed anybody’s mind.

Vico Torriani – Du Schwarzer Zigeuner (1953)

Conny Froboess – Zwei kleine Italiener (1962)
Großer Streit um ‘Zwei kleine Italiener’ wrote the German paper Das Handelsblatt in April – this song was the 1962 German entry to the Eurovision Song Contest and now GEMA, in an attempt to protect the rights of the singer and writer and publisher, was trying to get YouTube to remove it from their site. Luckily (for us) they failed. But it gave the song a whole new life and great publicity! It was the first time that the topic of “Gastarbeiter” was raised as a social issue.

Good night!