The Dreamboat floats!

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 11.18.12

How much would Pádraig have wished to be there at the Oireachtas! Can’t wait to hear the poems, songs, and music. We were looking down the Alster, the Elbe, the Wandse – but there was non sign yet of the Dreamboat. It must still be on its way!

Today, it was 19o celsius in Hamburg and a fine day on the roof terrace. We’re sure Pádraig moved his head to say ‘no’ to a question today, another first.

If we count them all up, those firsts, they must fill a mountain of hope, they must weigh so heavily that one day they will have to push open that door that is still closed most of the time.

I’ll be getting up tomorrow at 4h45 to catch an early flight to London for our annual conference (work). Still a lot of work to do to have everything ready for Monday and Tuesday. Back on Wednesday.

Still thinking of the Midnight train to Georgia.