Not taken by me this picture of an authentic Hamburger Bahnsteigkarte!

Not taken by me this picture of an authentic Hamburger Bahnsteigkarte!


Tonight, at S1 Friedrichsberg: “Entry only with a valid ticket or Bahnsteigkarte!”

I thought they didn’t exist anymore because I had not seen them for a long term. They became famous internationally when Lenin (remember him – he Germans send him to Russia on one of their fancy trains to start a revolution) said many years ago that the first thing German would do if they planned to start a revolution in a train station was to buy one. I am talking, of course, about the Bahnsteigkarte. It doesn’t entitle you to travel anywhere, but you are allowed to enter the train station and the platforms in that train station.

Without one, you’re not allowed even to enter the station.

Where but in Germany?

Today was a good day, because Pádraig had two visitors on the one day. I am sure he was delighted to hear some other voices, and see and feel their presence. The two previous days, he had had another visitor. It really is unbelievable to see how after such a long time, his friends remain loyal to him, visit him, tell him what’s going on back in Ireland, keep him in the loop. This is really really special and something I admire immensely.

Today was a bad day, because it turned out that he has an infection which has to be treated with an antibiotic, most likely an infection of the urinary track, to do with the catheter which still has not been removed. We thought it would be and when I asked whether there had be a change of plan no-one knew. I’ll find out tomorrow, I hope. Pádraig also coughed up some green stuff which had to be suctioned orally, irritated him, and make him throw up a bit. He’s also getting an increased dose of anti-seizure medication again and a lot of water. It sounds and feels like a deja vu. Why is all this happening, again?

Checked out a new building project which my ‘Genossen’ in the ‘Genossenschaft’ are finalising. We’ll apply for one of their new apartments with a balcony and a slightly bigger layout in general. We should know in a week or two whether we were successful. Fingers crossed.