If you have a problem you can't solve - just look for another one!

If you have a problem you can’t solve – just look for another one!

US and German programmers were asked to solve this important, complex problem. It’s a bit of a competition. Both the Americans and the Germans want to demonstrate that they are the better computing experts. The Americans get going and in little time they unveil their solution. It kind of works, but has some bugs and some problems that will need fixing. The Germans sit down, analyze the problem and draw up a specification. That gets reviewed, approved, and passed on to the implementation specialists. Their solution is impeccable. Everyone likes it. Only that by the time it’s ready, the problem had changed. – The moral of the story is that sometimes you are better off to get going, even if you are not sure yet where you might end up.

There is another story about a young man who couldn’t wait. He really wanted to get married. As soon as possible. But when he says to Friar Lawrence, who had agreed to help him and Juliet, “Oh, let us hence. I stand on sudden haste”, the friar answers, “Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast.”

To be honest, I have always been the person that ‘run fast’. I always had a go at a good idea, dealing with the consequences later. In most cases, it worked out, and I did not stumble. And when I did, I got up and tried again.

When the sky falls, we will stand tall, face it all together. The sky fell, I am trying to stand tall, which is much harder in ‘real life’ than in the movies, I am stumbling all the time. What makes me get up again is you, the people that occasionally read these ramblings, the people that send messages of support, the people that come to visit, the people that think of and pray for Pádraig.

Today, he was a bit more alert than last week. Maybe he is getting ready for Lá Fhéile Pádraig.

When I think about it, whether you plan what you’re doing and think before you get going, or whether you are someone that gets so enthusiastic about an idea that plans would just stand in the way – it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you do what you believe is the right thing to do. And that, when it doesn’t work out, or when you fail, when you stumble, that you gather all of your strength and get up, trying harder than ever before. With the help from your friends, if you’re a lucky as Pádraig. Sure, what would be the alternative.

Today’s German Music Tip
Marianne Rosenberg, Er gehört zu mir (1975). Well, Marianne and her music was not everybody’s cup of tea. Back then, you couldn’t really admit to like her or her music. This was far, but very far too conservative and establishment. Compare this song to the one by Ina Deter from a few days ago which was only published a year later and you’ll understand why. When I found it, for some reason, it brought back memories…

Walking on the beach in the middle of nowhere - a solitary bin for 'Restmüll'!

Walking on the beach in the middle of nowhere – a solitary bin for ‘Restmüll’!

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