We’re approaching St. Patrick’s Day. We did have good intentions. Plans. We were going to dip the White Haus 2 into green floodlight. Now, it looks like as if this brilliant idea might just remain that: a brilliant idea. No floodlights to be seen anywhere. We kind of gave up on them. We needed a fallback. Then, thankfully, some friends sent over an envelope. A family member brought over another bag. Both full of St. Patrick’s Day goodies.

So this afternoon, we decorated Pádraig’s room and I took a few pictures. Then, as I was looking around, I noticed that the staff must have been really busy preparing for St Patrick’s Day too: so many green things everywhere: plugs, measuring tapes, linen bags, tubes, lift buttons, charts, even the graphs on the monitors – all had changed to green!!! By now I know how nice the people looking after Pádraig are, but I had no idea that they would go all the way and turn the whole place green, inside out. Still white from the outside – inside, it’s green!!!

They say a picture can say a thousand words. I couldn’t make up my mind about which picture to post, so here are they all!!!

Pádraig is taking the preparations for his big Saint’s Day in his stride. Pretty relaxed, not too excited. Like most days this week. But I am sure, he’s looking forward to his big day on Monday!!!

photo 3

photo 3-4

photo 3-3

photo 3-2photo 3-1photo 2-5photo 2-4photo 2photo 2-3photo 2-2photo 2-1photo 1photo 1-5photo 1-4photo 1-3photo 1-2photo 1-1We all desperately want Pádraig to get better. He has the courage, strength, and will power to see this through, and to emerge as his old self again on the other side. No doubt.