kaffee‘Kaffeetrinken’ has really nothing, or if, then only marginally, got to do with ‘drinking coffee’. You could drink coffee any time of the day, but ‘Kaffeetrinken’ you can only do in the afternoon. The most prominent feature of ‘Kaffeetrinken’ is, surprisingly, not coffee, but cake: Kuchen, Torten, ‘Teilchen’. So why, you might ask, is it not called ‘afternoon tea’? Because ‘afternoon tea’ is not really about the tea either.

companyBoth ‘Kaffeetrinken’ and ‘Afternoon Tea’ are mostly about company. You take some time out to catch up with your friends. The rest is just ‘Drumherum’, decoration. The essence of company is the reason to live. We would not be able to exist was it not for others. If no one cared, what would be the point?

When we were in Cape Cod Hospital, really really scared, absolutely and utterly confused, when we hardly slept or ate, I experienced this for the first time: people emerged from nowhere. They were with us. They spent days and nights with Pádraig. They helped. They were company. When we decided to bring Pádraig to Dublin, our American friends said, you’ll have loads of support when you get back. I didn’t quite understand what they were talking about, most likely, they didn’t either because what happened was not like anything I ever experienced in my life (and I am old-ish).

life-of-pi-4After the concert in Colaiste Eoin, someone said to me “what Pádraig did last night, most of us do not achieve in a life time”. I think it goes way beyond this, because that night, Pádraig himself did not do anything. Yet, he made this huge impact. He did this by becoming the catalyst for what people are most yearning for: to be loved, to feel compassion, belonging, caring, and company.

Pádraig had an ok day today. Two friends arrived from Dublin and kept him company. They will be here for another day and will share their friendship with him. There is no way that he will this just allow to pass by, or ignore it, or not notice it. Feeling the presence, the energy, the love of your family and friends is the reason to live, because they need you. What would they do without you? That’s why he will get better, and better, and better. He’s just taking his time. But he will not allow any of us to ever be without him.

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