Who needs enemies when you’ve got friends like this? Last night, a good “friend” said, “ok, let’s do it”. So tomorrow morning, I will register for the Hamburg Marathon. Just to see how things are going, I took advantage of the incredible weather here, temperatures went up to 20 degrees celsius today, and ran 16km. After that, I was very tempted to drive to the hospital (no, not in an ambulance) but, surprisingly, I even managed to walk up the stairs to Pádraig’s 4th floor ward.

However, they didn’t let us in to Pádraig’s room when we arrived this afternoon. We were getting a little worried as it was taking quite a while. But then, when they finally photolet us in, it turned out that they had put on his green Éigse t-shirt, and what a difference it made to the way he looks! And he must have realized himself that he was not wearing a hospital gown anymore but the t-shirt of one of his favorite events! Weekends are usually quiet, and this one was no exception. When there was a quiet moment, I counted the months, and got mixed up. I thought it had been almost eight months, when in fact it has been almost nine since the accident. When I start looking back at this time, I stop. When I think about the future, I find it difficult too. Tomorrow is another day, and nobody knows what it’ll bring.

dwmaraTalking about running: Check out the Facebook page for Run the Mini Marathon For Pádraig – Every Step makes a difference! The Women’s Mini Marathon is coming up on June 2nd. There will be a group of Runners doing this 10k challenge in aid of Pádraig, to help with the many and various costs associated with his care and recovery. I will include all these details on the event page of http://www.caringforpadraig.org as well.

Mapa Nua3From running to swimming: There is just a little more than 1 month left to Snámh Phádraig which will kick off on 12 April. This is an incredible adventure: a swim off the coast of every county in Ireland that has a coast. There aren’t many places left, so if you want to join in, send and email to the organizer as soon as possible: snamh@aodhanodea.ie

In the meantime, Lynn Fitzmaurice and Irene Clonan, two master swimmers of Atlantis Swimming Club (based at Markievicz Leisure Centre, Townsend Street, Dublin 2, and coached by Pádraig’s former Champion Coach Nicholas Bourke) will swim their first race (!) over a mile (!) on 04 April in the National Aquatic Centre in Dublin to raise funds for Pádraig. Swim a Mile Challenge

Today’s German Music Tip
L. van Beethoven, from the 9th Symphonie, Ode an die Freude. From a concert at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to celebrate the 60th Birthday of the Federal Republic of Germany, 23 May 2009. There is also a version showing both the original German and the English translation. It starts with an invitation that is usually not shown when you look up the original lyrics by Schiller:
Oh Freunde, nicht diese Töne, sondern lasst uns angenehmere anstimmen und freudenvollere.
What’s hot
What’s cold
The German word/phrase/verse of the day
Maaaaann – ist das heiß!

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