3 thoughts on “IMG_9687”

  1. Diane Rose said:

    Dislocated?! How painful! Do you know how it happened? Poor Pádraig! So happy to hear about the good progress otherwise… and that your journey went off well. Love from us. xx

    • It’s not like a sudden dislocation which could happen when you have an accident, for example. It happened over months and is something that is a known problem (though it wasn’t for us up to now – even though we asked everybody we could) for someone with a severe brain injury when muscles begin to work again. Unlike my movements which are balanced (most of the time:), Pádraig’s adductor muscles pulled his right leg over to the left, not being counter-balanced by his abductors. That put pressure on his hip. The ball (or femoral head) slowly flattened the socket (part of the large pelvis bone). The effect is that the ball/femur is no longer placed securely in the socket. Instead of moving smoothly in the socket, the ball rubs again the socket, flattens it and causes pain. It’s not what you would feel when the hip dislocated in an accident but it is extremely uncomfortable, and prevents Pádraig from easily stretching out his leg and put weight on it. – Pádraig is ready to learn how to walk and for that he’ll have to get his hip fixed.
      Hope I explained that correctly:)

      • Diane Rose said:

        Thanks so much for explaining. How do they fix it? His progress is all the more impressive when you see these types of setbacks he had to deal with. He (and you) are an inspiration.

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