May the soft drizzle Mayo rain keep the suncream wet! Maith sibh!

A Well-Wisher

The unexpected happened: Mayo, with its ‘soft’ rain, welcomed Pádraig and his friends with the most beautiful skies and a calm, dry day.

Almost ten years after Pádraig’s accident and three years after they had to abandon their plan at a few days’ notice, because of COVID, to fundraise for him by climbing Ireland’s Holy Mountain, they came together and did it.

Three of them barefoot.

Everybody going up that mountain today is a hero.

How the three made it to the top barefoot, though, I cannot fathom. They are super heroes.

We finished the day in Campbell’s with a few drinks, lovely food, superb music, and the best company you could wish for.

A fantastic day Pádraig will never forget.

A day made possible only by the friendship of a very special group of people.

Thank you! – And also a big ‘thank you’ to all who have supported their fundraising efforts, here in Ireland and abroad!

We all slept well last night after an unforgettable day!