If you have everything under control, you’re not moving fast enough.

Mario Andretti

Mario Gabriele Andretti is an Italian-born American former racing driver, one of the most successful drivers in the history of motorsports, He is one of only three drivers to have ever won races in Formula One, IndyCar, the World Sportscar Championship, and NASCAR.

We were moving fast like Mario last week. And it seemed we had no control. In a beautiful way.

When we talked about what we had enjoyed best during out trip, we decided to leave out the obvious: a dreamlike meal in a fabulous San Sebastián restaurant.

I had read about those tasting meals with courses consisting of just one or a few bites each with food with its tastes and textures just exploding in your mouth.

Last week, we had one of those meals where the first course arrived in the form of a little tree with its “fruits” offering the most amazing tasting experiences. And that was just the start.

That didn’t prevent Pádraig from having another go at his favourite Spanish dish: Pulpo a la Gallega.

We seemed to have been on the go all week. Day and Night. On the Sea, even in the Sea. On Foot. And driving.

It’s hard to pick a favourite amongst the trips. Some were very long, like the crossing back to Ireland. Some were very short, like the dip into the Atlantic. Some were adventurous, like the night out on the town. Some were elegant like the surroundings of the fabulous places we stayed at.

If in Bilbao, you do as all the tourists do: you visit the Guggenheim.

As museums go, it’s definitely not middle of the road. The paintings and the walk-in sculptures are pieces of art you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

There wasn’t an hour of therapy last week. But it was definitely life in the fast lane which at times was completely and beautifully out of control.

We didn’t know what the days were going to bring. Each one was an adventure and lead to new discoveries and experiences.

Pádraig tremendously enjoyed the time out, the change to the normal routine, a taste of the life of others.

It was brilliant. We were moving fast and didn’t have everything under control all of the time.

This was Life and Living to the fullest extend possible. As it should be.