If you greatly desire something, have the guts to stake everything on obtaining it.
Brendan Behan

It was Brendan Behan’s 100th Birthday last week. Pádraig went to Glasnevin Cemetery to visit his grave. It’s the only grave always adorned with at least one pint (and the lady in the Gravediggers knows who looks after the grave so diligently).

We decided to follow his spirit and, on our way home, visit the Gravediggers, arguably Dublin’s oldest pub. They serve Dublin’s cheapest pints and – tapas. It was a really nice evening: with a bit of a Spanish flavour in one of Dublin’s oldest institutions

The reception in the Gravediggers was fantastic. Staff there were so helpful and kind that we will definitely be back there soon.

Tonight, I am tired. On the way back home this afternoon, our car broke down. Luckily, Pádraig was not on board and we were only one hour away from home. We had gone for a night out and away for a special occasion. Like many trip the two of us went on without Pádraig, this one too was challenging. The car broke down, the engine stopped, in the middle of the motorway. It seems to be very close to something that happened before: smoke from the engine, and then a complete standstill. We’ll find out soon whether it’s worthwhile to even think of a repairing it – or whether we should just go for a new old one.

That blue Kia Sedona really served us well. It would be a pity to just abandon it. Whatever will have to be done, will have to be done quick.

We have the guts to stake everything on obtaining what we really wish for. A proper car. A proper rehab routine. A proper life.

Oh –

I got older losing my hair
not many years from now but yesterday (when my troubles seemed so far away)
No one ever sent me a Valentine
but yes, birthday greetings bottle of wine

I’ve been out till quarter to three
no one locked the door
The question is:
Will you still need me, will you still feed me
Now that I’m sixty-four

One thing is for certain: You’ll be older too:)

I hope you’re having a good weekend. One day, we’ll celebrate together.