Rainbows apologise for angry skies.

Sylvia A. Voirol

One morning last week started with the most beautiful rainbow I had ever seen on our road. It wasn’t a case of apologising for an angry sky – it was a case of wiping away any anger that might have been there.

From the sky, from our minds.

And the day turned out as it had started. Beautiful.

A music technology lecturer working on his PhD came in to try out some of his ideas with Pádraig. He used switches from a Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit – which costs a fraction of what the ‘medical’ switches cost. And he had created sound interfaces using a Microsoft Xbox kit.

Pádraig played some music using the Xbox pads. He then played music using the knee switch, changing the sound with a foot switch.

I thought it was absolutely brilliant. Judging by the expression on Pádraig’s face, he felt the same. We took some videos; with some more time, I’ll put them together and share them.

Another brilliant thing happened last week.

We had a Zoom call with the people who are planning a public awareness campaign for the Decision Support Service who will be helping with the implementation of the new Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act 2015 (sic!).

They would like Pádraig to help them and take part in the campaign. Pádraig was delighted with that. He was even happier when he heard that he will get a contract for his work and a fee.

Imagine. And think back a few years when decisions about Pádraig were not only made without consulting him, but also without our consultation. Some of them against our repeatedly expressed wishes. By doctors and nurses who had his ‘best interest’ in mind without even thinking of consulting him.

How life has changed.

No more angry skies – but beautiful rainbows, full of lively colours.