You only have two eyes and you should see with a hundred

(Zwei Augen hat man nur und mit hundert soll man sehen.)

Theodor StormDer Schimmelreiter

We’re on a break. From our daily routine. In a different world. Exploring tastes, temperatures, touches, visuals, times, people, movement. It is taking time to ‘arrive’, from the ‘normal’ to the ‘different’. ‘Ankommen’.

Our first long walk was out to the ‘Arche Noah’, about a mile off the coast across a wooden bridge onto a giant sand bank. Sand a far as you can see. I know this place since I was 15 or 16, spent most of my summers working here with others, and with my sister and her husband who lived here.

Since then, we’ve been eating in the garden and we’ve been eating in different small restaurants, most of them overlooking the sea. Mostly in pretty misty weather so far.

Pádraig discovered that he can eat cherries. How? He does what we all do. Sticks a cherry into his mouth and spits out the pit. – That is the same man who was once told not to worry about peg ‘food’ because it was essentially the same a the food he wanted to eat. – Really?

With a little help from our friend, he found a great OT who has seen him a few times last week. She has a a practice that must have taken decades to develop. The initial ‘assessment’ consisted in a trial and error session which we assisted. On the way out one day, she showed us her huge garage which she had converted into a giant activity space.

For the first time in three years, Tuesday night was, again, Garding night: Musikantentreff. Not really ‘Musikanten’ but ancient rocker. As interesting and entertaining the music, Pádraig must have found the audience, some of whom screened WACKENNNNN! WOA – Wacken Open Air.

In sharp contrast, we spotted auld Ferdinand’s car parked in the disabled space beside ours – still driving a hot tire. In a Porsche Cayenne. Only in Germany.

If we only have two eyes, how can we see with two hundred?

There is so much to see that even two hundred eyes would not be sufficient did we not open them up completely.

Let’s start moving around with our two eyes wide opened. Looking around us. Seeing and experiencing the world we live in. All of it and not just the parts we want to see or someone else wants us to see.

A beak from the daily routine provides fresh perspectives.