Life has meaning only in the struggle. Triumph or defeat is in the hands of the Gods.
So let us celebrate the struggle!

Stevie Wonder

Actually, let us celebrate whenever we get the opportunity.

Celebrate as if it was for the last time.

Because we don’t know about tomorrow.

I wouldn’t say that Germans are opportunist but they have this great concept of pre-celebrate (vorfeiern) and, indeed, post-celebrate (nachfeiern).

On Saturday, Pádraig had a great opportunity to Vorfeiern his birthday at the end-of-the-IronMonth BBQ at the An Saol Foundation.

Nearly 50 clients, families, staff, and friends of the An Saol Foundation came together in glorious sunshine. There were sausages (German!), burgers, chops, and even a variety of vegetarian grill options, together with homemade salads and a table full of cakes and buns, all contributed by the guests.

One of Pádraig’s friends, also on the Board of An Saol, put it very well when he said that this event, just like An Saol, was all about creating a community where people get together to have a good time but where they also support one another.

For many it was the first time to be together again after COVID. For some, it was a rare opportunity to get away from their four walls and enjoy the company of friends, laugh, hear the sound of children playing, or just have a friendly chat.

The An Saol staff’s efforts to make this a really special day paid off several times. Their attention to detail, helpfulness, good humour and fun-creating attitude was out of this world.

The BBQ demonstrated that Life and Living with a severe Acquired Brain Injury is not only possible, but is possible in a supportive community, out in the sunshine, with a bit of banter, music, and good food.

Today, Sunday, is Pádraig’s 32nd birthday which he will celebrate in style.

It was today, nine years ago, that we all were together for the last time prior to Pádraig’s accident. The next time we all were together was in the ICU of Cape Cod Hospital.

Monday will be all about Nachfeiern in An Saol!

Life is about celebrating success in our struggles – the celebrations even help us at times to forget the worst of those struggles.

Triumph and defeat are in the hands of the Gods!