In the beginning was the Word.

John, 1

The statement that the Word, or Λόγος, reason and knowledge, for some representing God, was at the beginning, has always meant a lot to me. It is an enormously powerful statement that expresses deep faith in the world we live in. If this world is rooted in Λόγος, it cannot be all that bad.

There is a reason to wish each other a Happy Christmas. There is a reason to be hopeful that all will turn out well, even if, at times, life seems to be everything but.

Last Friday, The Irish Times published in its Magazine The year in pictures, documenting some of the most important moments of the past twelve month.

The paper decided that one of these was the opening of An Saol and people getting access to rehabilitation that they had been deprived of up to now. They showed a picture of Pádraig, myself and Barry working with the Lokomat.

It is a brilliant picture and a great recognition of the work we have all been doing over the past twelve months.

Christmas is when it’s darkest.

It is the Word that gives us the light to find our way out of the darkness.

Happy Christmas!