I like writing. I never thought about who was going to read what I write, never thought about what readers, if there were any, would be thinking about me, us or our situation. Until someone told me I should.

I am writing this blog because I want to record Pádraig’s journey, my journey, and that of those around us. I want to share the good things that are happening in a place where much, on the face of it, is a terrible tragedy.

Now I’m asking myself: what about the other stuff? The insults added to the injury? The stuff that keeps me awake at night?

Last week flew by. It was over in a blink.

I want to understand time more than I do. Days, months, years. Linear. Some feel like an eternity, some like just a moment.

The content, happy man sitting on top of a mountain with his eyes closed in perfect balance. Or the man fighting windmills.

Is it ok to learn how to live with what you’ve got or should you strive for change?

Can we choose how we live and which decision we’re taking?

There is a lot going on I cannot explain or control. I cannot control how I perceive time. I cannot ignore injustice and misery. Rather than sitting content on top of the mountain, I want to shout out loud from the top of that mountain that I’ve had enough.

Would it make a difference?

Or would people just shake their heads and think when will he ever learn?

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

And it, we will make a difference. Even, or maybe because, there’s so much beyond our comprehension.