“If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.” 
Joseph Campbell

I talk so I communicate. True but incomplete. Most experts agree that between 70% and 93% of all communication is non-verbal. Last week, Donal came over from Galway and did one of the most amazing thing I ever experienced. Using a microphone with Pádraig and a headphone connected to that microphone for himself (and us), he let Pádraig lead the music with his breath.

Listen to it here.

What you heard was a short example of an hour long session, with Pádraig and other An Saol clients.

Several people played different instruments using whatever abilities they had.

Pádraig continued practising morse code. He is way ahead of everybody else, remembering the codes using mnemonics a good friend of his prepared.

It was an amazing first when he used that code to spell out the name of his favourite group and the song he wanted to listen to. You can guess the name of the group and the song (or click here to listen to it).

We are used to us and others functioning in a certain way but there are 1,001 other ways to do the same thing differently. To function in a different way.

Sometimes that ‘thing’ has to be done in a way that we are not used to.

Sometimes we have to be really creative and inventive. Take risks. Go where nobody has gone before.

Explore. Find your way. Support others to find theirs.

You might chance the world.