I guess now it’s time for me to give up I feel it’s time.

This is Saturday Night Fever on German TV. It’s mind boggling. Stunning. Beach Party on a beach wherever. With the Take That song Back For Good – in German. An extract from a programme that went on all night.

They were all so happy. What does it take to reach that state?

We went for long walks last week. The Arche Noah and their unique terrace where I worked as a teenager in a very different environment to that of today, the Promenade in St. Peter-Ording Bad all done up with expensive shops, and in Westerhever, where we discovered that while cars and walkers are facilitated to get up to the Deich, wheelchairs aren’t necessarily.

Also did some work on the house and found a few real gems, from an antique tin of paint, an ancient hoover, to a shell full of cleaning agents, one being made up to clean grave stones, Grabsteine.

This is the real McCoy. Summertime. Weird and wonderful.

Gotta leave it all behind now.