Sometimes it’s worth the wait.

Days, months, years. To catch the perfect moment. Or to finally reach a goal you set yourself. Or to see something come to fruition you thought you’d already lost.

Last week, Cúram Phádraig, Pádraig’s carers and personal assistants, got the notification that they will receive the first shot of the Corona virus vaccine over the coming days.

Pádraig himself, it seems, will have to hang in and wait a little longer.

There is no logic to it, none that I can see anyways. We all know what would happen did Pádraig have to go into hospital with the virus and required a serious intervention.

The thing is: the world does not function on the principle of fairness and logic.

In my previous life, working with languages, someone once asked me, “What is the difference between a dialect and a language?” When I started to set out on a complex explanation, he interrupted me and gave me the answer: “An army.”

Is it the army, the use of force, that makes all the difference in our world?

Do we really have to go on the attack in order to achieve our goals, to see something come to fruition?

This is certainly how we in the West often see it. On the world stage in the form of missiles. In our personal lives in the form of heartless, harsh, uncaring, competitive behaviour.

I remember two really good things from last week.

One was observing Pádraig’s left arm when he was walking in the Lokomat. Often, he keeps his arm up, pressing his hand against his shoulder, and finds it hard to relax it. Look at the picture above. He is holding on to the walking bar and his arm ist nicely stretched out to 90o. Because he is doing something meaningful with the arm, something he wants to do – not something he has to do because that is the ‘exercise’.

The other was the immediate help from a wheelchair technician of our local wheelchair clinic coming out and delivering the spare part we needed to fix Pádraig’s headrest after it had snapped. Getting an appointment in the wheelchair clinic normally means waiting to a point when you nearly give up. It was brilliant to see that when something was required with urgency, the system worked. And the technician went out of his way to help.

Going back to the friends in my former life. One gave me another quote, from an Eastern philosopher and war strategist, Sun Tzu. His advise is the exact opposite to our Western kind of thinking and approach.

“If you sit by the river long enough, you will watch the bodies of your enemies float by.” – Sun Tzu,  The Art of War

Sometimes, it’s worth the wait in order to achieve our goals, to see something come to fruition. Days, months, years. In the meantime, we can always enjoy the good moments that life brings.

And consider whether the world should be divided into enemies and friends at all. Whether there has to be an “us” and “them”. Whether there might be an alternative where we treat each other with respect and dignity and love and understanding.

Carry each other.