We‘re on the Ferry and it‘s just leaving Hull on a long night journey to Rotterdam.

Leaving Anglesey crossing the famous WWII – look alike bridge

The day started early, getting the ferry from Dublin to Holyhead, then crossing Wales and England to Hull.

When we‘ll arrive tomorrow morning, we‘ll drive 6-7 hours to Pforzheim where Patrick will be getting badly needed specialist treatment for his hip.

Last Friday, Pádraig had, of course, the big 3 0, with some socially distanced friends calling in to wish him well, joined by dozens who had sent cards, messages, and joined a big Zoom call. One of his friends even had assembled a huge number of personal video messages which he edited into a 20 minutes plus mini-movie, with friends calling from their homes, their canoe, and even from their retreat in Nepal!

I‘m typing this from my phone, trying to finish up before we‘ll loose the internet.