It hasn’t been my day.This morning, when I was on my way back to Lindlar a car pulled out of a side street and crashed into me. The brand new Opel Adam I had rented got a big dent in the front and I got a big fright. Luckily, no-one got hurt and I was able to drive the car to the nearest rental station. My family then gave me a lift to a train station from where I got a direct train to the airport. No Lindlar today. I took a direct train to the airport because nowadays it is risky to rely on connections when traveling with Deutsche Bahn. For the day that was in it, I shouldn’t have been surprised that the train broke down just 10 minutes out of the airport, we all had to wait and then change over to a different train.

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I’m now sitting in the airport waiting or the plane to take off in about an hour and a half. I don’t want to think about it too much but I’m wondering what’ll happen next.

Even if everything goes right tonight, I’ll be landing in Dublin just before midnight.

Knowing I’ll be traveling with Ryanair, anything is possible. Nothing will surprise me.