I am still in awe at Pádraig’s ability to use the exercise equipment in Tolka Park. It was another one of these moments when I realised that it is mostly us who are limiting his experiences by our (lack of) expectations.

We had tried this push-out machine with him by helping Pádraig to hold on to the handle bars and had then moved the bars with the weights out to help him get a feel for how this works. And as Pádraig was sitting there for a few seconds while we were getting ready to go, he all of a sudden started to push the bars out – not just once, but several times. We had just not given him enough time before to try and do this by himself.

The weather here is great for walks. Hardly any wind and very mild temperatures. So we went to Dollymount and walked along the man built sea barrier out to the statue of Mary. The place was jammed with people, all of us enjoying the fresh sea breeze.

For a few days, we’ve been eating turkey and ham, and by the looks of it, supplies will stretch over another couple of days. – Tomorrow, I’ll look up a turkey & ham curry recipe!