How was your Christmas? There must be more to it than what just happened. At least that’s how I see it. If I think, on ‘normal’ days, that I am not in control of my life, well, Christmas completely takes over. There is an extraordinary amount of cleaning up, cooking, eating, cleaning up, cooking, eating, cleaning up, …. to be done. No time to sit back and relax. To just do nothing.

All mixed up with emotions, many and big emotions. Not always easy to handle. Most of it is looking back, remembering. Most of the memories are sad. People I used to spend time with over Christmas.

Today was better than yesterday. Things went a little more relaxed. Turkey was cooked and ham was boiled. It was just a matter of re-heating.

They interviewed people on the radio today about famous people who died over the past year, with quotes by those famous people. One of them said about life that it is an obligation to make an impression on the world. Another one said that helping other people is to see the face of God in them.