This was the real Christmas. Earlier on, one of Pádraig’s best friends had called from Kathmandu. And then, at late afternoon, friends came together. Meeting for an evening of great chat and reunion. There were so many of Pádraig’s friends here tonight, all in festive mood, all having a glass of that fantastic mulled wine one of his friends had prepared in accordance with an ancient recipe (at least that’s what he told me). I really loved this night and I’m sure Pádraig did as well. It was really and truly outstanding!

There weren’t many of Pádriag’s friends missing tonight, though the presence of one person in particular was sadly missed.

For him, they sang this song.

Seosamh was here. Even though not in person, he was here amongst us in spirit.

Happy Christmas to all of Pádraig’s friends!