Sunday in the living room. Candles. Cracking fire. Exercise. Music. A bit of cake and tea. Outside: wind and rain and darkness. First day of Advent.

While I was cleaning up (just a little), I came across a CD I burnt in Hamburg when Pádraig’s friends had sent me the title of songs that he liked. Mundy, The Killers and more really good music. His favourites. We had not listened to this music for a long time.

It sounded really old. From a far away time.

And then I was thinking. This is what he liked back then. More than five years ago.

I can’t keep playing this music thinking these are his favourite songs.

He was the kind of person who would put an album of a group he was going to see on repeat until he knew all the words off by heart.

Which groups would he go to see today? Five years are a long time on the music scene.

Can you help me and let me know what kind of music has come out over the past year (or two or three) that you think he would have liked? What are your favourite groups and songs of the past few years?

That would be really nice Christmas present for Pádraig: one (or a few) CDs (of USB sticks) with new, cool, interesting music. We could then ask him: who do you love best? Who is not so good? And we could help him to put his top 30 together himself. His new, 2018 favourites.