A typical Saturday: a bit of shopping, a walk, a visit, meeting some friends (completely out of the blue), mass, dinner together watching Ireland winning against Argentina in rugby.

One of the nicest parts of today was the morning.

The house was completely quiet and the rain was lashing against the windows. It was one of those days that wasn’t really too sure about whether it should get going at all. Hesitant about starting up something new. It’s a new dawn, a new day, it’s a new life, for me (and I’m feelin’ good) – mmmhhh, not really sure about this one…

We don’t have these moments that often. There’s always something going on, always something coming up. Doing nothing feels like loosing out on the opportunity of doing something. Ticking off one item of this endless list of things that really have to be done. That list that doesn’t let me relax, only collapse at the end of a busy day, wondering whether my efforts were not all in vain because that list was never getting shorter, no matter what.

When we went to the hospital this afternoon to visit a well-recovering family member, we met two old friends and started chatting about what had happened in our lives over the past years, since we had last met. They had started up, with us, a new swimming competitive club, based in Dublin’s north inner city. Training sessions started at 5am almost every day of the week and went on up until 7am. And we loved it. Can you imagine?

And isn’t this a big chunk of what life is all about? Going out. Visiting people (especially if they are sick). Running into old friends you hadn’t seen for years. Catching up with their lives. Sharing our lives with them.

None of this happens when you’re sitting inside or, more seriously, lying in bed all day long.

Although the day started on a slightly hesitant note, it turned out like a new dawn, a new day, ia new life, for me – for us, and we were feelin’ good!r

Now, if you have a quiet moment, maybe on Sunday morning (or Saturday night:), go to “The Sky is crying“, turn it up, close your eyes, and let the song take you away to a different place. It really has that magic …