I just had enough cash on me to buy one beer which we shared. The Arena was more than half empty and while we were drinking, very slowly, we could see people arriving. People we’d never see on ordinary days. But this was no ordinary day. It was a beautiful day.

It was a beautiful night, and like most beautiful nights, it came completely unexpected.

I was not supposed to go and jumped in when Pádraig was about to leave and the person who was supposed to go with him could not make it.

I had seen U2 decades ago in Croagh Park, Dublin’s super-sized inner city stadium. This was The Point, or the Three Arena as it’s now known, and the setting was spectacular. Nothing like anything they could have ever done in a stadium. It was almost intimate.

But apart from the out-of-this-world show and showmanship, it was the evening with Pádraig. We shouted our hearts out, at least that is what I felt. All the frustrations and annoyances and pressures disappeared into the night.

“You don’t know me, but I would like to buy you a drink” was one of the magic moments. Which led to us having our second shared pint. At times, Pádraig’s eyes closed, but only for moments. Never have I seen him staying awake that long and being alert and interested over such a long period.

Last time we were in The Point, for the Kodaline concert, just after Pádraig had returned to Dublin, he could not very well take all the noise and was completely exhausted half way into the concert. There was no sign of this last night. It was magic. It was beautiful. And it was Pádraig’s company that made this the best night I’ve had in a long, long time. And I think he thoroughly enjoyed it too.

This is life. This is being at the helm of the Dreamboat. One Life on a Beautiful Day.