Some work in the morning, off to a meeting in DCU, training course with HSE, discussion with some of Pádraig’s carers, off to an event in the Helix commemorating Pádraig’s and our friend’s Louise’s life and contribution to the university, home at around 6pm. Tired.

Watching a food programme yesterday, I heard a dietitian saying that it is, of course, important what you eat, but it is, at least, equally important that you are happy. If you are not happy, bad stuff starts going on in your body which will, or at least has the potential, to eventually kill you. She said that with such a conviction that I was shocked. I never had heard anybody saying that with such conviction.

Giving kisses, hugging people, smiling – all these things will make your life better, healthier and longer.

I talked to someone this morning who told me that he would gladly accept the An Saol Foundation under their umbrella and as part of their organisation. I know this person would not have been interested in severe acquired brain injury, or in helping anyone with one, if there weren’t that funding.

The world is a strange place.

And today is the first day of Cúram Phádraig’s official day of operation, organising Pádraig’s personal care.