We often think things happen. We can try hard but, in the end, things are out or our hands. “Man makes plans, and God laughs.”

I often thought over the past five years, that God must have had a real great laugh looking at me making plans. Because all too often, I’ve felt totally and utterly helpless.

One thing though God has given us is free will.

And while he might have all sorts of plans for us, there’s no way she’d take that free will away from us. Meaning that *we* can decide to go right or to go left, to speak up or to stay silent, to love or to hate.

You might know “The Adjustment Bureau“. The last scene kind of explains what the movie is all about: taking charge ourselves, exercising our free will, blaming nobody else but us. It’s worthwhile watching:

Love moves everything. Even the ‘chairman’s’ plans!