What’s the point? Is there only one? Are there many? Are there small points making up a big one? How big can one point be and still make sense? How big can it be to influence, to allow you to make a real difference?

Or is it not the point at all that is important? Maybe it’s the person making the point that is much more important than the point? Like: big people making big points, small people making small points?

“I have a dream”, for Martin to say makes sense, “World peace”, for the beauty contest participant to say doesn’t.

When I went to school, just having missed the 60s, but feeling very much connected with that decade, we had a saying “when it doesn’t make sense, at least it makes non-sense”. And we thought that was terribly funny.

Seriously, trying to make sense of what is going on around us doesn’t make sense. But does accepting that it’s all a mystery and leave it like that, unquestioned?

It’s all going back to old Sokrates who knew that he didn’t know anything and thus became one of the wisest men in history. Only fools know the answer to everything.

Today we made quite bit of progress in setting up the company that will deliver Pádraig’s care, hopefully from next month. The paperwork for this is truly amazing, meaning: it’s a lot and it’s detailed. Also, amazingly, got a phone call from the Archbishop’s office to arrange a meeting for late next week to discuss the An Saol Project. Can’t wait for it.

Pádraig had a good day today. He is using the arm trainer more often now (like a MOTOMed for arms) and has managed to move and train for short periods without the support of the build-in motor supporting his arm movements. Given that not so long ago one of his HSE therapists had stopped him from using an arm trainer because “it could cause him injuries”, and even stopping us from purchasing one (John Hume would have asked: “On whose authority?”), Pádraig is doing extremely well!