Another busy day. With some really somber moments.

Meeting, telephone calls, discussions, emails. All terribly important.

Then a trip with Pádraig across town to his friend’s Seosamh’s removal.

I have been at many funerals. Too many recently. Never had a removal been as fitting as Seosamh’s. It must have been the spirit of the man himself who turned this terribly sad occasion into a (temporary) fare thee well gathering, oozing with style. His family really managed to capture what Seosamh has been all about. Up to the detail of the ‘Leonard’ hat in his hands. I will never forget this afternoon in Seosamh’s presence.

We’ll be getting up early tomorrow morning for the funeral. I cannot imagine that it will be anything else but a celebration of the life and the everlasting presence of a beautiful spirit.

This was one of Pádraig’s very best friends. That they were there together this afternoon and that Pádraig will accompany his body on his last journey will be terribly sad, but will also be an affirmation of life continuing, of life being lived, of feelings and emotions. And it’s not so long ago that many people were convinced that none of these were ever going to be experienced again by Pádraig

They were wrong.