We received some very sad news today. Dolores Breslin died yesterday, 16 September 2018. May she rest in peace and may her family find the strength to bring them through this very difficult time.

I met Dolores and her daughters for the first time at one of the regular Saturday afternoon meetings the An Saol Foundation held last year in Odin’s Wood Day Care Centre. From the moment we met, it was heart-warming and extremely moving to see how much her daughters cared for Dolores in a very difficult situation, new and unknown to all of them. Dolores was never left alone and always looked after by her family who made a super-human effort to ensure she got the best of care and the best treatment they could possibly provide for her.

Dolores is the third person who died in our circle of families affected by a severe acquired brain injury. Sara Walsh died on 17 June 2015. Amanda Denton died on 25 August 2018. May they all rest in peace.